2019-2020 Competition Information

VIVO International Music Competition is open to instrumentalists of all nationalities under the age of 18. The competition takes place in various instrumental divisions including piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, duo groups and chamber ensembles.

The Live Audition will take place on December 8, 2019 at Carroll Rehearsal Studios in New York City.

Age Groups

Participants must be of qualifying age as of December 8, 2019 for the upcoming competition in December 2019.

Group A: Ages 8 and Under
Group B: Ages 9-11
Group C: Ages 12-14
Group D: Ages 15-18

Repertoire Requirement

Participants must perform one original composition from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Modern periods from memory. One movement of Sonatina, Sonata or Concerto will be considered as one piece.

  • Arrangements, simplified or modified editions, popular music and/or non-classical music will not be accepted.

  • Performances exceeding the specified time limit may be stopped at the judges’ discretion and will result in disqualification.

  • No repeats are allowed at the audition performances.

  • “Shortened” version won’t be accepted for the auditions.

  • There is no time limit imposed at the auditions. Judge may interrupt the performance anytime.

  • *** Performance Time Limits for Winners’ concert

    • Group A and B: Each performance must not exceed 6 minutes.

    • Group C and D: Each performance must not exceed 10 minutes

  • Compositions that exceed allotted time of 6min. for Group A and B / 10min. for Group C and D may be “shortened” for the Winners’ concert.

Repertoire Regulations for Each Instrumental Division

  • Chamber Ensemble: Any form of Ensemble is welcomed. Participants in Chamber Ensemble Division may use music during the competition. Due to the availability of piano in all concert halls, original or classical transcription for only one piano for multiple performers is accepted.

  • All information contained in this document is correct at the time of publication. However, VIVO International Music Competition reserves the right to make any changes.