VIVO International Music Competition


The Winners’ Concerts in January 2016 have featured many highly talented musicians with exceptional skills and musicality. As these concerts mark the grand finale to VIVO International Music Competition 2015-2016, we would like to announce that, starting from this coming season (2016-2017), we will hold two VIVO competitions; VIVO-Youth and VIVO-S.   

VIVO-Youth International Music Competition is similar to the VIVO Competition in previous years, but it has an age restriction: Applicants must be 18 years old or younger to participate. Specifically, applicants in age groups A (ages 8 and under), B (ages 9-11), C (ages 12-14), and D (ages 15-18) are eligible to participate in this competition. 

Please note that, from this coming season (2016-2017) on, there will be no winners’ concert fee at VIVO Competitions. The first prize winners of VIVO-Youth Competition are invited to perform at the winners’ concerts with no obligation to pay for the concert fee. We believe that this change reflects our mission statement and will distinguish VIVO Competitions from many other competitions in New York area. At the winners’ concert, all performers will be evaluated by judges (who are distinguished musicians), and cash awards will be offered to Gold, Silver, and Bronze prize winners in each age group (regardless of instrumental divisions), which amounts to a total of $3,580.

Important Dates for VIVO-Youth International Music Competition

September 15, 2016        Opening of online applications
November 12, 2016          Applications due
November 20, 2016          Live audition
December 4 2016             Winners’ Concert


VIVO-S International Music Competition is a new competition that is launched from this season; it is open to applicants of all age groups (no age restriction) and pursues musical excellence only. Winners will be selected through three rounds of auditions and top three performers (across instruments) at the final round will be awarded Gold (cash award of $5,000), Silver (cash award of $2,000), and Bronze (cash award of $1,000) prizes. 

Important Dates for VIVO - S International Music Competition

December 1, 2016          Opening of online applications
February 1, 2017              Application and preliminary video recording due
February 12, 2017              Semi final round (Live or YouTube) 
February 19, 2017             Final round (Live only)