VIVO International Music Competition


The VIVO International Music Competition offers an extraordinary opportunity for gifted young musicians to develop and advance their talents through participating in competition and performing on a world-class stage. Located in the New York City area, the VIVO invites local, national, and international students with musical talents to experience and accomplish musical excellence. The VIVO International Music Competition is committed to inspiring young artists and enriching their musical experiences so that they can enjoy and enhance performing instruments at early stages of their careers in music.

VIVO International Music Competition is open to instrumentalists of all nationalities under the age of 18. Specifically, applicants in age groups A (ages 8 and under), B (ages 9-11), C (ages 12-14), and D (ages 15-18) are eligible to participate in this competition.

Please note that, starting from (2016-2017) on, there will be no winners’ concert fee at VIVO Competition. The first prize winners of VIVO Competition are invited to perform at the winners’ concerts with no obligation to pay for the concert fee. We believe that this change reflects our mission statement and will distinguish VIVO Competition from many other competitions in New York area. At the winners’ concert, all performers will be evaluated by judges (who are distinguished musicians), and cash awards will be offered to Gold, Silver, and Bronze prize winners in each age group (regardless of instrumental divisions).

Important Dates for VIVO International Music Competition:

September 16, 2019        Opening of online applications
November 24, 2019         Applications due

* Late applications will be accepted up to 10 days after the deadline. 
** Late applicants cannot request preferred live audition times.

December 8, 2019            Live audition
*If a participant is unable to attend a live audition, YouTube link may be substituted. All YouTube links are due by December 4, 2019

January 19, 2020              Winners’ Concert